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We understand that the hustle and bustle of 21st century lives don't always permit timely arrivals to appointments. With you in mind, we have created a system that moves just as quickly as you do. The running late, rescheduling and remorse for missing an appointment ends here and now.


Same day appointments. All of our drug tests are done at SAMSHA certified laboratories and reviewed by a specially trained and licensed Physician also known as Medical Review officer (MRO). All Detect Lab collectors have received and continue to receive specialized training for specimen collection techniques in compliance with all Federal and State drug, alcohol, and legal DNA paternity testing regulations. DNA paternity test, 5 panel urine drug test, 9 panel urine drug test, 10 panel urine drug test, 12 panel urine drug test, 5 panel hair drug test, 9 panel hair drug test, 12 panel hair drug test, urine alcohol test, urine alcohol EtG test and a lot more.

Detect Lab Random Pool Consortium helps CDL drivers nationwide stay in compliance with the DOT's(Department of Transportation) Random Selection Pool guidelines by providing you with our Random Selection Service.

Detect Lab use a scientifically verifiable, random generator to select drivers from a pool for drug and alcohol testing. Selections are made through out the year in accordance with DOT Regulations - 50% are selected for Random Drug Testing and 10% are selected for Random Alcohol Testing. Drivers may be selected for one or both of the tests, alcohol and drugs, more than once through out the year. The reason for this is, at each point of selection, our system draws from all of the available names within the pool, ensuring a fair, and honest outcome, and doesn't give preference to any person, whether they've been selected before or not.

If you have question about the Detect Lab methodology, or you would like to sign up with us, please feel free to contact us directly at 800-371-2838.

Emergency 24/7 DOT and non-DOT Post Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing.

There is an 8 hour "window" on alcohol testing and 32 hour "window" on drug testing allowed in the regulations. By waiting to find a collection site during normal business hours, the collection will cost less and the collector will be more familiar with SAMHSA collection procedures.

DOT realized that in many situations drivers will be away from carrier locations and beyond the carriers control. The interpretation makes non cooperation by the driver a violation of DOT regulations. DOT still holds the motor carrier ultimately responsible for compliance with the regulations.